The World Wide Web has been around for more than three decades. While the Web was designed originally to meet the demand for automated information-sharing between scientists in institutes and universities across the globe, it evolved to become the backbone of today’s economy. Millions of people benefit from using the Internet every day. It has truly taken the human society to a whole new level.

But the average website today is a little different. Have you noticed? There are a lot of new UX UI Design and Development trends that transition the browsing experience completely.

Are you ready for Web 3.0?
Are you ready for Web 3.0?

There has been a monumental…

Digitization has introduced us to constant innovation in the way we communicate with each other. On the other hand, the telecom industry has seen a concerning drop in calls and SMS traffic. As innovation won’t slow down, the only real solution left is for the industry to accept the challenge and transform its services through UI UX design.
A good user experience backed by a strong business strategy can yield results that could transform your business. Just like how Airbnb now credits their UX for taking them from a failing startup to a billion-dollar business. …

The success of mobile applications and websites depends on myriad factors, and UX (user experience) is on top of that list. To ensure that your users’ experience is seamless right from the beginning, you have to design the register and login page as intuitively as possible.

The login/sign-up form may seem like a minor constituent, but it plays a crucial role in turning a first-time visitor/user into a long-term friend. On the other hand, a poor login page design can increase the bounce rate.

Since blogs, eCommerce stores, social media networks, and even banking websites/appsare all examples of applications and…

The onset of the pandemic has shown us why digital healthcare is the way forward. Something as simple as using wearable healthcare gadgets could save lives.

When no other alternative was available, talking to doctors over video call came as a much-needed relief for millions of patients. According to Forrester, virtual care visits reached above 1 billion in 2020 in the U.S alone. The pandemic proved that digital healthcare should not be a privilege but a right.

The only way to increase the popularity of digital health is by making it accessible, easy to use, and efficient. …

An effective UI design changes the way people interact with the product. It is no less than an art, and the amount of creativity required can burn out even the best of us. If “an artist is only as good as their tools.” really does hold true, While you’re making sketches of your wireframes, you can only do so much with a pen and paper. And let’s not forget the mess it makes on your desk. Good design tools for UI designers do wonder for the design process.

Tools for UI Design
Tools for UI Design

With this blog, we aim to tell you about the 8 best…

The overall retail landscape is evolving. It has already moved from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce channel. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped the B2C eCommerce companies experience a sharp jump of about 20.5% in 2020 alone to their GMV (gross merchandise value). However, shoppers agree that an impressive eCommerce UX design contributes towards their selection. Naturally, the design remains an all-important aspect for businesses designing an eCommerce app or website.

In 2021, the dramatic increase in online retail sales was due to the restrictions in movement induced by the pandemic, and the global eCommerce market share jumped to $26.7 trillion. Today…

Accessibility aims to make products convenient to all. On the other hand, inclusive design involves taking into account user diversity.

Ever had your hands full with groceries, and you realize you’re now unable to open a door with a round doorknob? You’ve encountered what’s known as an accessibility issue.

Accessible Vs Inclusive Design
Accessible Vs Inclusive Design

The problem:

When companies make their websites or products, they’re under the assumption that every customer is able-bodied. They forget about the visually impaired or someone who’s just walking in the sun, unable to see the text on their phone screen.

Something as simple as changing the doorknob into a lever, and increasing…

As a UX professional, your job is to provide an interface that’s easy to use, attractive and intuitive. And you likely know that to provide the best product, you’ve got to know precisely who you’re making it for. But what do you do when a user persona doesn’t prove to be enough? Enter, empathy mapping.

When you fail to keep the end-user in mind, you fail to make the product the best it can be. Therefore, empathy mapping is a vital part of the job, which helps everyone get to know who they are making the designs for.

We know…

For the longest time, the banking industry refused to acknowledge the human factor when developing its products and services. However, the forced rethinking of the entire banking structure and surge in mobile banking has forced several financial institutions to understand its importance. A lot of them are adopting the use of proven business strategies that foster innovation and creativity. This is where Design Thinking in banking comes in.

The banking industry is in a state of upheaval. Ever-increasing competition from FinTechs, shifting global banking and financial regulations and tech giants like Apple and Googleentering the finance space is forcing conventional…

The design philosophy of your platform/app speaks volumes for the personality of your brand. If your web/mobile platform is cluttered, it will naturally appear unorganized and inefficient. On the other hand, incorporating smart negative space and sleek design seem professional and appeals to the user base. It doesn’t matter how good your product or your service is, if prospects cannot figure out their way to your checkout page, the conversions will plummet.

If your offering does not work well, or if the website search doesn’t yield the desirable options, your website/app could use a redesign. However, the cost of a…

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