The global SaaS (Software as a Service) market will exceed $600 billion by 2023. The sector is experiencing exponential growth with the rise of SaaS products. Unfortunately, this means cut-throat competition. So, how do you design your B2B SaaS product to stand apart from the rest, satisfy customers and bring in revenue? Persona-based design is the answer as it helps you cater to specific user needs.

Importance of Persona-based design for B2B SaaS products

SaaS V/s B2B SaaS product

A SaaS product means any software that offers applications to customers over the Internet. Moreover, the applications allow users to log in and access it online without installing software.

On the other hand, a…

Digital transformation is about changing existing business processes and models to sustain in the ever-growing modern digital world. However, to survive, businesses today must be capable of catering to the changing needs of the customers and undergoing a digital transformation.

Agile in Digital Transformation?

Business leaders must consistently and continuously drive their business to keep up with the latest innovations and technologies. In addition, companies should quickly adapt to the changing market scenario and modify business processes according to the current needs. The answer lies in being agile in digital transformation.

Being Agile in Digital Transformation

Agile transformation strategies aim to enable and execute delivery functions across the entire…

The idea of a start-up generally springs out of the desire to solve a problem the masses face. In the process, start-ups usually develop and code their products before fully designing them. In the race to acquire customers, the focus is always on features rather than packaging and presentation. But, the truth is, the success of a product relies on its usability. Let’s say you rely only on your assumptions or creativity or let your developers handle it; likely, your usability will not align optimally with your customers. That’s why start-ups must consider User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)…

They say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The intention is to avoid making things complicated when things are running smoothly. But in this competitive market, if you do not think outside the box, you will be left behind. The same thought inspired our team to explore the Salesforce platform.

My Salesforce Journey- Customize Options

Salesforce has been the go-to Customer Relationship Management tool for more than two decades now. Naturally, it has been branched to suit multiple customer needs. However, the primary focus has always been Customer Relationship Management.

When we started exploring Salesforce we developed several lightning apps using the lightning app…

In today’s disruptive marketplace, businesses need to deliver more value and work faster to stay relevant. That’s what digital transformation promises. It offers opportunities to enterprises across their business — from optimizing operations to engaging with stakeholders, employees, and customers. Even though digital transformation has emerged as a necessity today, only a few manage to achieve success. Read along to learn the most common digital transformation mistakes you need to avoid to unlock real digital value.

Digital Transformation — 9 Key Mistakes to Avoid

Importance of digital transformation

The pillars of digital transformation are disruption and technology. Digitalization refers to reinventing businesses to capture unique competitive advantages, and 79% of corporate strategists

There’s no room for error in an industry with the potential to create $350 billion to $410 billion in annual value by 2025. Human-centered design in HealthTech can help establish relationships, deliver medical aid faster and to more people across the globe.

Terms like telehealth, HealthTech, and digital healthcare all fall under the same category. Let’s take a closer look at how excellent UX design can help healthcare.

The Growing Use Of HealthTech

HealthTech refers to combining technology with the healthcare system. It can be for providing medical aid, connecting patients to doctors, or even reminding users to take their vitamins.

The global behemoth industry…

What is UX mapping?

A UX map is a powerful technique of visualizing the entire experience of the end-users with a brand, app or any product. User experience mapping allows UX designers to understand customer motivations, hesitations, needs and concerns.

UX Mapping Methods

Most enterprises or brands are adept at gathering data about their users; they all have design KPIs to track. However, data alone miserably fails to communicate the user experiences and frustrations. A story can do that, and a user experience map is one of the best storytelling tools.

UX mapping makes use of visuals and storytelling to illustrate the relationship a user has with…

For the longest time, the only way for enterprises to reach mobile users was through hybrid or native mobile apps. Today, however, the PWA (progressive web app) technology has emerged as a viable alternative solution for businesses of all sizes to engage with mobile users.

In 2021, there will be 6.4 billion global smartphone users, and the numbers are steadily rising. Given that the population is currently 7.9 billion, smartphone penetration is estimated to be over 80%.

Read along to discover the differences between PWAs and native apps, and find out which is the ideal option.

Progressive Web Apps V/s Native Apps

What are progressive web apps?

PWAs refer to web…

In today’s world, digital transformation is a necessity. According to the Harvard Business Review study, $1.3 trillion was invested in digital transformation in 2018. Digital transformation is more important than ever because the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the rules of the markets. Meeting the business demands in today’s landscape means re-developing an enterprise’s entire digital landscape.

Impact of Design Thinking on Digital Transformation

With that said, the transition of organizations to digital-first is no mean feat. The digital world is volatile and it shifts rapidly. It is unpredictable and the changes are quick and sudden. Not to mention the technological advances that have a significant impact on…

The jarring phrase “Change, or die” holds true in the design world more so than any other. The first of ten principles for good design established by Dieter Rams claims that “good design is innovative.” Meaning, good design stems from constantly adopting the best approach/technology available to you.

How the Design Driven Development Approach Works

A little over two decades ago, Donald Norman coined the term “user experience.” To think that we have nailed down a particular way of development in this field would be criminal. …

Divami Design Labs

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