Accessible Vs Inclusive Design — Understanding The Difference

Accessible Vs Inclusive Design

The problem:

What is Inclusive and Accessible Design?

Accessible Design

Example of bad accessible design:

Inclusive Design

How Are Inclusive And Accessible Design Different?

1. Inclusive design is for everyone

  • Permanent disability: Motor limitation disabilities like ALS
  • Temporary disability: Muscle injury or a broken bone on their hand
  • Situational disability: Someone with their hands full, or even if they currently have dirty hands.

2. Accessible Design focuses on the end product, Inclusive design is a methodology

3. Accessible Design has standards by law, Inclusive design does not

How Accessible and Inclusive Design Work Together

1. Accessible Design is a part of Inclusive design

2. They both have the same end goal

What’s next?




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Divami Design Labs

UI/UX Design firm focused on Humanizing Technology…

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