AR VR Leap into AR/VR Design: The next step of UI UX Revolution

First-hand exposure

  • First, exposing yourself to the AR/VR in design and interacting with the design in real-time. This helps get a sense of what the end-users will be experiencing when using the app or digital product.
  • Second, be attentive and open-minded to the experience. Being receptive to a new experience is key to its adoption. But, you must also be alert to your feelings. For instance, make a note of what is good or bad when you’re wearing the headset, or what is confusing when you’re going through the design. By being aware of the potential pitfalls, you can aim for major wins.

The shift from 2D to 3D experience in design

What does the AR/VR revolution mean for business?

How to set up the environment for 3D designing?

1. Size of the canvas

2. Text readability

3. Preventing simulator sickness

4. Changes to the brightness

5. Be mindful of ergonomics





UI/UX Design firm focused on Humanizing Technology…

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Divami Design Labs

UI/UX Design firm focused on Humanizing Technology…

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