Powerful Strategies to Fuel Your Go-to-market Campaign

1. Buyer persona identification

  • Initiator: First comes across the product or shows initial interest.
  • User: Uses the product regularly.
  • Influencer: Influences or convinces others to use the product.
  • Decision Maker: Provides the final approval for the purchase of the product
  • Buyer: Owner of the budget.
  • Approver: The final stakeholder who pushes the purchase decision and seals the deal.
  • Gatekeeper: Plays a role in blocking the product or prevents it from getting approved.

2. Value matrix creation

3. Understanding the journey of the buyers

  • Top of the funnel is all about getting attention from potential customers. This can include integration listings and blogs that may lead to the homepage of your app or website containing testimonials, videos, pictures, etc.
  • Middle of the funnel is about answering important questions and it can include AI-powered chatbots or a live chat section.
  • Bottom of the funnel is about convincing the customer to make a sale and this can include product walk-throughs, educational emails, product trials, and much more.

4. Defining goals for marketing channels

5. Defining the sales strategy

  • Trained support team: Your sales team must know A-Z of your product or service to confidently sell it.
  • Resources and tools: This includes all the resources and tools that your sales team needs to engage with your customers and make a sale.
  • Client acquisition: This involves determining the best approach for finding customers. It can be, via social media, surveys, email marketing, or app downloads.

6. Aligning sales and support teams

7. Defining success metrics

  • The performance of your sales team
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Number of subscribers or app downloads

8. Identifying resource and budget needs




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Divami Design Labs

UI/UX Design firm focused on Humanizing Technology…

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