The Build or Buy Consideration in UX Design

Build or Buy Consideration in UX Design

  • Strategic thrusts — is a fabulous UX UI design of the application critical for differentiation? For example, for a consumer app or portal, this may be true. But, maybe not so much for an enterprise application. If your strategy for growth depends on differentiating through convenience and ease of use; having intuitive workflows in your application becomes important. Then the next step is to consider whether such competencies exist in-house or not.
  • Core competencies — you may deem that good UX UI designs are important for the new application, but is it a core competency of your organization to achieve this? In many software engineering or IT organizations, the core competencies may be in the backend technologies. These technologies are related to data storage, access, analytics, etc. These not necessarily lend to front-end application design. In such a case, it is likely that your organization is not keeping up with the latest design trends. And, a decision to build would be sub-optimal.
  • Budget and opportunity costs — Having the budget for building or revamping the skin of an application is a prerequisite of course. Without that, you do not have a decision to make, as may be the case when one is trying to bootstrap the solution in a very early startup stage. However, even with a budget, you have to consider the implication of additional overhead costs with staffing as opposed to contracting the design work. Doing the latter may save you real costs. Moreover, it can save you the opportunity costs of not investing in the core functionality of the application.
  • Pervasiveness of design needs — If it is a large firm and many projects have design needs, you gain economies of scale by having a design group. As this design team services many projects. However, for smaller firms, if the need is infrequent and based on initiatives from time to time, outsourcing makes more sense.

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